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Forever Faithful Pet Cremation & Funeral Care by Value Choice, LLC provides those who are grieving a place to receive support, come to terms with their loss, say goodbye, and honor their pet's life. Our staff have experience planning a variety of funeral services and can assist your family in honoring your beloved pet no matter your personal preference, budget, culture, or religion. Call us at 410-552-0703 or visit us at 1091 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852.

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Honoring Your Pet with Pet Cremations in Columbia, MD


Many families feel like their pets are a loved and cherished member of the family. Not only does a pet maintain loyalty through thick and thin, but there are years of memories shared on family vacations, holiday celebrations, and more. It’s incredible how much these small animals can bring such joy into your home! Because these pets are an important family member, it makes sense that it can be hard to say goodbye when the time comes. If you want to honor your family pet, then consider the benefits of pet cremations in Columbia, MD.


The lifespan of animals is much shorter compared to that of humans. So, eventually, pet owners often face the need to take care of the final arrangements for their companion. Regardless of the timing of this loss, it can be a heartbreaking experience. Sometimes, pet owners know that their time together is short because the animal is aging. But there are also instances where death is sudden and unexpected.


In the same way that each person needs to grieve the loss of a family member, it’s important to find ways to work through your grief when losing a pet. This experience is especially important when a pet has been in the family for many years.


Your Options: Pet Cremations in Columbia, MD


How would you like to remember and honor your companion? Creating a plan for end-of-life services is an essential step to help you find closure when losing a pet. You can share your memories through pet cremation keepsakes and other activities that pay tribute to your family pet.


Similar to the process of planning a traditional human funeral, a variety of services are available for pet cremation as well. Here are a few options you might consider:


  • Pet Burial: One way to memorialize your pet is by choosing a cemetery location where you can lay the remains to rest. Pet cemeteries are beautiful, giving you a place where you can place a small headstone on the burial site. Some families like the option to bury a pet on their property if they have the land available. Regardless of the location of the burial, our team can assist with pet caskets, pet vaults, and other products necessary for a respectful burial.
  • Pet Cremation: Alternatively, you might reduce the pet’s remains to ashes. We offer quality cremation services, which are often cheaper than the costs associated with burial. Not only can we assist with the cremation, but we also have pet urns and other products available to support the needs of your family.


During cremation, your pet is placed in a crematory with extreme heat. The organic compounds are broken down in the heat for a few hours, leaving only the basic elements behind. We have a facility to complete this cremation, then the ashes are placed in a temporary holding container to deliver to your family.


Why a Private Cremation Matters?


When you are looking for a local provider that offers pet cremations in Columbia, MD, it’s important that you ask about the type of cremation offered. Many companies are looking for ways to reduce the cost, so they use communal cremation to save money. This group cremation means that multiple pets are cremated at the same time. As a result, you don’t receive the animal’s ashes after the service is complete.


Since it’s important for many families to honor the memory of their deceased pets, families often prefer private cremation instead. Our team offers a promise that we maintain the highest levels of respect for your pet at all times. Not only is your pet cremated individually, but we can return the remains to your family after the cremation is complete.


Other Services for Pet Cremation Planning


One of the benefits of selecting our team for pet cremation services is that we offer customizable solutions for every family. As you browse the services here on our website, you will see that we provide everything from burial to cremation, transportation, pet cremation keepsakes, and more.


Our promise is that we care for the needs of the pet and the family at the same time. In addition to basic pet cremation and funeral services, we can help you celebrate your pet’s life. We have experience in planning a variety of funeral events. Talk to us about your preferences, culture, and budget so we can help you create the perfect experience based on the needs of your family.


Pet Cremation Consultation


What questions do you have about these pet services? If you don’t know much about the industry, then it makes sense to talk to an experienced team for assistance. We’re here to answer your questions and offer guidance about the various packages available for pet cremations in Columbia, MD.


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