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Forever Faithful Pet Cremation & Funeral Care by Value Choice, LLC has made a commitment to every family that entrusts us with their beloved pet and we live up to it no matter what. Our staff have been consistently recognized throughout the Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan area as being among the best service-oriented, consumer-friendly pet death care providers. Call us at 410-552-0703 or visit us at 1091 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852.

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How to Honor a Family Pet: Services for Pet Cremations in Rockville, MD 


Do you feel like your furry companion is an important and loved member of the family? It can be hard to say goodbye when the time comes, especially if your companion has stayed by your side through thick and thin. Families have years of memories, holiday celebrations, and quiet days at home with their pets. Since this animal brought so much joy to your home, it makes sense to honor their memory through pet cremations in Rockville, MD.


In many cases, pet owners must face difficult decisions related to end-of-life services for their animals. Often, the lifespan of these animals is much shorter than humans. So, eventually, the time will come that you will need to say goodbye. As in a similar manner as preparing funeral services for a human family member, you will have a variety of decisions relating to how the animal is laid to rest. At the same time, you must also face the grief and heartbreaking loss that comes when you are saying goodbye.


If you know that the time is running short, then you are invited to reach out to our team to talk to about pre-planning solutions. We can provide information about available services so you can finalize these plans as soon as possible. Additionally, our team offers immediate support for unexpected services as well. Regardless of your timeline, our goal is to provide the care and support needed for both the family and the deceased pet.


Disposition Services: Burial or Pet Cremations in Rockville, MD


When you begin the process of planning a pet funeral, one of the first decisions you will need to address is how the animal will be laid to rest. You might have a specific place where you want the remains to be placed. Or, some families prefer the flexibility of cremated ashes. Ultimately, the goal of choosing this disposition is to determine the best way you can honor and tribute your family pet.


The process of preparing end-of-life services for a pet is similar in some ways to preparing a funeral for a human. You have two options for the disposition of the remains:


  • Pet Cremation: Reducing the animal to ashes in a high-heat setting is an efficient way to say goodbye. If you are considering pet cremation, then it’s essential to choose a provider who offers individual, private cremation ceremonies. This means that your pet is the only one in the crematory, giving you the option to receive the ashes when the services are complete. If you choose cremation, we can assist with products that might be needed, such as pet urns and temporary storage containers.
  • Pet Burial: Another option is to place the animal’s remains in the ground. Pet burial can be completed in a local pet cemetery. Or, you can put the animal on your land if you have a private location for the burial. We provide a variety of burial products including pet caskets, pet urns, and grave markers.


As you are considering your options for disposition, talk to us about your preferences for saying goodbye. Not only will we provide guidance and information about the location for laying the animal to rest, but we always offer compassion to help you make it through this time of grief.


Private Cremation: Respectful Services for Your Pet


As mentioned above, it’s important to ask about the type of cremation offered for your pet. Some providers try to keep costs low, so they place multiple pets in the crematory at the same time. With this group approach, you won’t receive a cremation certificate or the cremated ashes.


Instead, it can bring your family peace to know that your pet received top-notch care through the very end. Private cremation means that your pet is the only one in the crematory. As a result, you can receive the ashes when the services are over. We promise the highest levels of care for your pet, including personalized services to match the desires of each family.


Full-Service: Support for Pets and Family

What questions do you have about planning pet cremations in Rockville, MD? There is no need to worry when you have a trusted team to help with these services. Our staff is here to offer the care and respect you need, with quality results for families from all backgrounds, religions, and cultures.


This full-service approach includes more than basic burial and cremation. We can also help you celebrate the animal’s life through a funeral or memorial. Other options include pet cremation keepsakes and special items that will help you hold the memories close through the years.


When you are ready to discuss pet cremations in Rockville, MD, then you can contact our team to schedule a consultation. We’re here to help with anything that you need!


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the services you offer?

Forever Faithful offers cremation and burial services as well as being able to memorialize your pet with family and friends. Learn more about our services here.


Can I offer tribute to our departed pet?

Yes you may share a memory or plant a tree In memory of your beloved pet. Check our obituaries and search for their names here.


Is planning ahead important?

Yes making funeral arrangements online gives you time to consider all your options for truly planning a service that’s unique to you.  Fill up our pre-need pet form here.


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