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It can feel like you are losing a family member when it is time to say goodbye to a pet. This companion has been your support through the years, offering comfort and joy at home and on vacation. As you are laying a beloved pet to rest, it’s important that you are proactive with funeral or pet cremations in Silver Spring, MD.


As you are grieving the loss of your pet, it’s important that you have a trusted team to support your family during this time. Not only does your pet deserve quality care, but your family also needs to have the caring support from a team who understands what you are facing.


Accessing the right care during this challenging time is a great way to soften your loss. Our goal is to provide the immediate services you require, while also making it easier to remember the memories you’ve shared over the years. You are welcome to contact our team at any time to discuss available services and begin the planning process.


Pet Cremations in Silver Spring, MD


What does it mean if you choose to have a pet cremated? When the animal dies, it is necessary to choose a method of disposition for the remains. Sometimes, there is a place where the family would like to bury the animal, such as in the backyard or at a local pet cemetery. We offer everything you need for a respectful burial, including pet caskets and pet vaults.


On the other hand, some families don’t want to place the remains in the ground. Pet cremation is an alternative you might consider if you want to keep the ashes with you in the future. Cremation means that the remains will be placed in a crematory under high heat. This heat breaks down the organic compounds, leaving only bone fragments behind. You will receive the ashes in return, giving you the option to choose a memorial pet urn if desired.


If you want to choose cremation instead of burial, then it’s essential to select the right provider.  Always ask detailed questions about the completion of the cremation. Some pet cremation providers cut corners by placing multiple animals in the crematory at the same time. In this situation, the disposition is complete, but you don’t have the option to receive the ashes after the service.


Our team understands the importance of respect for your animal. So, we offer personalized and private services for your family pet. You can rest assured knowing that this private cremation means that your pet will be the only one in the crematory when these services are complete.


Other Services of Pet Service Planning


Burial and pet cremations in Silver Spring, MD are just a few of the services we offer for end-of-life planning. In the same way that you might consider an event to honor another family member, our team is happy to plan pet funerals or memorials as desired. We can help you celebrate the animal’s life in a way that suits your traditions and desires.


Other available services include pet cremation keepsakes. When you receive the cremated ashes, then you have the option to select a special keepsake item. This keepsake is a way that you can keep your beloved companion close in thought and memory. Common keepsake items include cremation jewelry or pawprint displays.


Preplanning is always available, giving you the opportunity to finalize cremation services as soon as possible. Whether you can see that your pet is aging, or you want to be prepared for the unexpected, preplanning can be an effective way to evaluate your options without the stress of grief and loss.


Finally, our full-service team pays attention to all of the administrative support your family needs during this time. For example, we can assist with transportation and storage as needed, before the cremation or burial is complete.


Paying for Pet Cremation and Funeral Services


What is the cost of these services? As you review our price list, you will find that we provide affordable solutions for families who want to honor and respect their pets. You can stick with a simple cremation to keep costs low or show your love and devotion through full funeral services or a graveside event.


We work with each family to find the right services that fit their desired budgets. Since you are saying goodbye to a loved one, it can be important to design personalized services so you can share the memories you’ve collected over the years. We offer unparalleled services, including a website memorial page in honor of your pet.


You deserve respect and quality care, which is why we invite you to talk to our experienced team to learn more about available services. Contact us today to discuss pet cremations in Silver Spring, MD.


Frequently Asked Questions


What personalization products do you offer?

We offer urns, keepsake candles, and caskets to best personalize your beloved pet. Read more about these products here.


Do you offer support services on how to cope with the loss of a pet?

We care about you and we have provided resources to help you cope with your grief. Check our list of links that may be useful to you.


How much are your burial services?

Our burial service starts at $495 including recovery to our nearest facility, basic corrugated casket, transportation to burial site, and memorial tribute obituary on our website. Here is the complete price list.


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