Memorialization Ideas

Creating meaningful mementos and traditions to do as a family are all great ways to honor your pet and feel close to them. These mementos and traditions can be passed down in your family from generation to generation, that way your beloved pet’s story lives on forever. If you want any assistance, suggestions, or want to learn about the memorial products we offer, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our staff.



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Mementos can be anything from a simple memorial craft to a more intricate tribute — both are just as special. You don’t to be an avid crafter to make a memorial item to pay tribute to your beloved pet. The meaning by the memento is what truly matters, creating something to bring you comfort during your grief and celebrate their life story.

Below are a few mementos that you can make in tribute to your beloved pet:

  • Decorate a memorial frame to place your pet’s photo in.
  • Make a scrapbook of your pet during family trips, holidays, and other significant life events.
  • Print your favorite photos of your pet to place inside a photo album.
  • Start a journal for expressing grief, sharing memories, or telling your beloved pet about your life.

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In addition to memorial items, you can gather your family members and friends of the deceased to start a meaningful tradition to honor your beloved pet’s memory. Or you also can create your own personal tradition to honor and remember your beloved pet by.

Below are a few memorial tradition ideas to get you started:

  • Visit your pet’s gravesite, ash scattering location, or a memorial location to leave flowers, talk out loud to them, or sit and think about them.
  • Plan a trip to your beloved pet’s favorite places.
  • Honor them at holiday gatherings by making a toast, or another meaningful gesture.
  • Spend time doing something that your pet loved, like visiting a park and taking a walk.


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