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To help you make an informed decision about your cremation service options, we’ve broken down all the costs in our general price list. We also have several payment options to lessen the financial burden. If you have any questions, please reach out, as our staff is happy to help you explore all your options.



Private Cremation starting at $125

  • Private cremation (your pet will be cremated individually)
  • Memorial tribute obituary on our website 
  • Temporary Container Included

Additional Charges (See Our Price List)

  • After Hours Recovery from house or other facility
  • Additional Mileage
  • Keepsakes or Other Memorialization Products
  • Paw Print Keepsake

Price List

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Your Pet’s Funeral: What is a Pet Cremation, How Much Does it Cost to Cremate A Pet?

When you lose your pet, it's one of the most difficult times in life. There is a lot to think about when they pass on, and many people are left wondering what to do with their pet's remains. Let Forever Faithful Pet Cremation & Funeral Care by Value Choice, LLC provide you with the right information on how much does it cost to cremate a pet? What is involved in the process? And more importantly, how can you be sure that your pet has been treated with dignity throughout the whole process? The cost of pet cremation will vary depending on the size and weight of your pet. 

What can I expect in a pet cremation?

The pet cremation process begins by placing your pet into a combustible container. The container is then placed into the cremation chamber and heated to over 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. This intense heat breaks down your pet's body until all that remains is bone fragments. These fragments are then sifted through a screen and returned to you in an urn. Just like a regular crematorium for humans, a common setup you'll find working with a pet crematorium are:

  • Memorial room - This room is where pets are prepared for cremation. The bodies are placed on the table and draped with a cloth to make them more comfortable before their final moments of life pass by.
  • Cremation room - This room is where the cremation chamber is located. Animal bodies are placed inside the chamber and incinerated.
  • Lobby - This room is where you can find memorial items to purchase, along with information about pet cremation services in your area. Here you'll also be able to meet with a pet loss counselor if necessary.
  • Ashes return room- Once your pet's body has been cremated, you can wait in this room for the ashes to be returned to you. Usually, a small plastic bag with your pet's ashes will be given to you. If you have chosen an urn, the ashes can be placed inside.
  • Viewing room - While not many pet cremation providers offer this option, those that do have a dedicated room where you can witness the cremation.
  • Business office - This is where you talk with a funeral director and plan out your pet's cremation.

Our Method of Pet Cremation



We offer only Private pet cremation to the public. This entails your pet will be the only one cremated in the chamber. We will provide an urn for you to keep your pet's ashes in. This provides a more personal and intimate experience since your pet is the only one being cremated.


Pet Cremation by Weight

Larger pets take a more space in the cremation chamber, take longer to cremate and involve greater after processing.  Therefor we price our cremation services by pet weight.  If you have any questions about pet cremation and it's cost, see our price list or please give us a call today at (410) 552-0703 in Woodbine or (240) 428-1348 in Rockville. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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